Almaz seyoum beyene coffee
Almaz seyoum beyene coffee is founded December 10, 2010.
The company is hoghly involved in exporting sidamo, yirgachefe, lekemte, jimma, limmu and harrare coffee both natural (sundried) and washed.
Purchasing, processing and exporting of Arabica green coffee bean is what our major activities are.
Our company is now exporting Ethiopian Arabica green coffee bean both in the mainstream and specialty coffee market (Asia, Europe, USA, and middle east.)
We are proud that the company’s export performance in sales volume increased from 91.2 tons, 628.8 tons, 1980 tons and 1224 tons in the year 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 respectively.
Almaz seyoum coffee industry has a very well organized and structured management system. Our current working capital is 50 million ETB.

our mission
- Our mission is to produce, process and export top quality Ethiopian green coffee bean to the mainstream and specialty coffee market.
our vision
- Our vision is to be one of the leading coffee producer, processor and exporter in the country whom customers depend for quality, traceability and reliability.
Our values
- Relationship: - we approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long-term partners seeking ... Read more