Company overview
  • Corporate MISSION: To produce, process and export top quality Ethiopian green coffee bean to the Mainstream and specialty coffee market.

  • VISION: To be one of the leading coffee producer, processor, and exporter in the country whom customers depend for quality, traceability & reliability.

  • Customer Centered: Seek to understand and enhance the value our customers.
  • Quality: We are committed to producing quality product and service.
  • Relationship: We approach our customers and suppliers as equal, long-term partners seeking mutual benefit
  • Integrity: Effective and seamless integration with all stakeholders to Improve access to the global Specialty markets.
How we start
We join the coffee industry through establishing Almaz Seyoum Coffee(ASB Coffee) in Addis Ababa, in Dec 2010 as sole business entity with the objective of purchasing, Processing & Exporting of Ethiopian Arabica Green Coffee Bean to the global market