company profile of dimtu
Mission: To produce, process and export top quality Ethiopian green coffee beans in a sustainable way to the specialty and high commercial coffee market.
Vision: To be one of the leading coffee producers, processors and exporters in the country customers trust on quality, traceability, sustainability & quality consistency.
Business philosophy:
1. Inclusive growth - Growing with the local communities.
  • 2. Supply chain integration with stakeholders with similar business objectives and philosophies.

Establishment and corporate development

Coffee export: We joined the coffee industry in December 2010 G.C, through establishing the Almaz Seyoum Beyene coffee exporting company. This is our business entity (a sister company) that focuses on purchasing Ethiopian Arabica coffee from the ECX & export it to different parts of the world. Before this the company has been working on washed and natural coffee by constructing a washing station and dry mill by the year 2007 G.C.

Coffee farming: To further increase our involvement in the coffee value chain, we have secured 151 Ha of coffee farm land in Shakiso district, Guji zone, where the natural environment was found favorable and ideal for the production of high quality coffee with unique flavors and aromas.

Our strategy: is to integrate small scale coffee farmers into our business as out-growers. This
helps us to achieve the following objectives:
1. To increase our specialty coffee supply capacity
2. To pay a premium price to the small holder farmers
3. To include the small holders into our sustainable coffee programs
Foundation: 2007 G.C
Major Activity: Purchasing, Processing & Exporting of Ethiopian Arabica Specialty coffee
Coffee Type: our organization is involved in exporting Guji Grade 1, Grade 3 & 4 coffee (Sidamo).
Trends in Net Sales: Through Hambela site 240 tons of coffee is supplied to ECX annually, the company has exported 56 tons in the year 2016 and a capacity to improve its product in 2017.
Capital: 60,000,000 ETB
Organization & Management: has a well structured organization & management system. Employing & supporting more than 600 workers during harvesting season including Dimtu Hambela Site.

Production at Dimtu Hambela Site

No. Variety No. of farmers Production of
Red cherry /tons2016/17
1 Guji coffee 370 1525 t