Major Milestones
2002 EC: ASB Coffee was established objective of purchasing from ECX, Processing & Exporting of Ethiopian Arabica Green Coffee Bean to the global market

2002-2003 EC: supply their coffee to local market

2004EC-Export 91.2tones of coffee for the first time directly to Italy & USA

2004 EC: Established washing station & hulling station, there in Guji zone.We have been supplying washed & natural Sidama to ECX from our processing station since the year 2012.

2005 EC: secured 154 Ha of coffee farming land in Guji zone.

2006 EC: our annual export maximized to 1980tones

2007 EC: enter the transportation industry through purchase of Trucks that give service to & from Djibouti

2008 EC: imported car Tire and its sales are undergoing.

2008 EC: harvested our farm’s first yield & supply it to Japanese specialty coffee market.

2008 EC: integrated 75 small-scale coffee farmer as out grower

2008EC: win the “UCC-UCC EUR coffee quality contest in Ethiopia”